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Current Projects:

  •  Geographical Distribution of SPAM sent to me mail server  Click Here to see the map
  •  Network Discovery - Scan IP Subnets and identify all equipment online (Windows via WMI and Others via SNMP)
  •  Hardware Inventory - Complete Windows Systems Hardware Inventory via WMI
  •  Software Inventory - Complete Windows Systems Software Inventory via WMI
  •   Windows OS Configuration Discovery - via WMI
  •  System Change Management Monitoring and Alerting
  •  Automatic Application Dependency Discovery Mapping of the Network from Servers/Switches/Routers/Apps/PCs/Users

Previous Projects:

  •  Hot Fix Discovery - Determine all Hot Fixes installed on a Windows System via WMI
  •  Hot Fix Management - Find all applicable Hot fix's for all machine and authorize scheduled install
  •  Multi Threaded Visual Basic Scripting
  •  Control All Windows Removable Media - Enable/Disable via GPO's and Group Memberships (Approximately 5000 PC Managed)
  •  Collect and Manage All BSOD Events on the Network (Approximately 60,000 Desktop's and 6,500 Servers)
  •  Microsoft Windows  Updates - Manage All Windows Updates for all Servers
  •  Automated Windows Systems Monitoring via WMI and SNMP and Alerting (Cisco Switches and Routers Included)
  •  Automated Daily/Weekly Windows  Maintenance tasks
  •  Asset Management System with Automated Collection Tools (Multiple Data Centers and Customer)
  •  Desktop Move  Managements System (Approximately 500 Desktop's)
  •   Mini Human Genome Project
  •  Distributed GRID System
  •  Sales Tracking System
  •  Customer Data Conversions
  •  Genome Analysis
  •  SETI Command Console for Command Line Version